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Systems Protocol Specifications

Service Model v3.0
download now Service Model v3.0         



PSIA Common Metadata & Event Model v3.1 Rev 0.4 (posted 05/12/16)
download now PSIA Common Metadata & Event Model


PSIA Common Security Model v2.0 R1 (posted 4/18/2015)
The PSIA Common Security Model (CSEC) specification is the comprehensive PSIA specification for all protocol,

data and user security. It covers security requirements and definitions for network and session security, key and certificate management, and user permission management. These security definitions apply to all PSIA nodes.


CSEC v2.0 R1 

Domain Protocol Specifications

IP Media Device Spec (IPMD)1.1 SpecPack- NEW...Feb 15, 2010
This package contains the specifications relevant to all PSIA members and registrees as of Feb 2010. While the contents of this package are available as separate documents, it is expected at this time that all parties interested in the PSIA IP Media Device Specification will also require the PSIA Service Model. Both of these specifications are included in this package for convenience

download nowIP Media Device (IPMD) Spec 1.1 SpecPack


Recording and Content Management (RaCM) Specification, Version 1.1a (r0.6b)

RaCM Specification Overview
The PSIA Recording and Content Management (RaCM) Specification, Version 1.1a, describes the PSIA standards for recording, managing, searching, describing, and streaming multimedia information over IP networks. This includes support for both NVRs and DVRs. The specification references the PSIA Service Model and IP Media Device specifications. XML Schema definitions, and XML examples, are included in the specification to aid implementers in developing standards-based products. The specification was developed with input from a broad set of manufacturers.

download nowRACM Spec. Version 1.1a and Schema/xsd files


Video Analytics Specification (VAS) v1.0

Video Analytics Specification Overview

The v1.0 Video Analytics Specification specifies an interface that enables IP devices and video management/surveillance systems to communicate video analytics data in a standardized way. The scope for the initial release of the Specification focuses entirely on video analytics capabilities discovery and analytic data output.  Video analytic capabilities discovery will include standard configuration data exchange to enable any analytic device to communicate to another device or application its basic analytic capabilities at the device level and the video channel level (for multi-channel devices).  This includes information such as the PSIA VAS version number supported, analytic vendor information (name, software version number, etc.), event types and mechanisms supported, and other supported configurations. From an analytic output perspective, the v1.0 Specification includes the definition of multiple types of analytic events, including alerts and counts, as well as video analytics metadata output.

Video Analytics Spec. v1.0


PSIA Area Control Specification including PLAI- V3.0 (released 2/25/2015)

Area Control Specification Overview                         PLAI Overview

This specification will standardize the communication into access control and intrusion products, making them interoperable with the overall security system.  This spec takes advantage of other PSIA specs, especially the Common Metadata and Events Model (CMEM).   Harmonizing and sharing data between access control, intrusion, video, and analytics systems results in optimized and more easily integrated security management. This update includes PLAI additions.

  Area Control Spec. including PLAI v3.0