IPMD Conformant

It should be noted that the current list of IPMD conforming products are considered “Legacy Products” by many of our member companies. Many listed may no longer be available by their respective companies. It would be best to check with the individual company on their current state and availability.

PSIA does not test conformance.  Members are responsible for conducting their own conformance testing and maintaining documentation of such testing for each product declared to be PSIA Conformant.  To be listed in the PSIA Conformant Products listing:

  • The product must be manufactured by a PSIA Member (Board, Associate, Venture, or User) in good standing;
  • The product must pass the PSIA Conformance Test;
  • The Member must complete the “Conformant Product Declaration” form; and
  • The Member must submit the form to PSIA with a copy of the test results.

All self-declarations of PSIA Conformance are the responsibility of the Member making the declaration.  PSIA has no liability for any such self-declaration, nor for the performance, quality, or conformance with PSIA specifications of any product implementing the PSIA specifications.  Inquiries concerning any product declared to be PSIA Conformant should be directed to the manufacturer of the product.

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