Secure Credential Interoperability and PKOC


The objective of the Secure Credential Interoperability (SCI) initiative is to define requirements for an open specification which provides an interoperable access credential. This specification, the Public Key Open Credential (PKOC), relies on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to provide the issuance and management of digital certificates. These PKI certificates verify the owner of a private key and the authenticity of that relationship going forward to help maintain security.  The certificates are similar to a driver’s license or passport for the digital world.  PKOC initially supported mobile credentials, but has been expanded to support smart cards and panels relying on the OSDP standard. 

The SCI working group has identified existing and emerging standards relevant to the physical security industry and is working to enhance them to support industry requirements for secure mobile credentials.  The PSIA is actively working with vendors, consultants, integrators, and customers to encourage their adoption. In addition, the group will review and vet specifications to assure they meet the organizations’ objective of being open and interoperable.

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