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PLAI Addresses Multiple PACS in the Enterprise

Security Specifiers and consultants are an important part of effective security system design and implementation.  Providing solutions to customers are a valuable service they offer to the industry.  Companies with multiple PACS systems which cannot communicate with each other is a critical problem that can compromise the effectiveness of a security system.  The Physical Logical Access Interoperability (PLAI) spec can address this issue with a system which normalizes identity data across disparate PACS and allows for real-time updating of roles and access privileges.  PLAI relies on one trusted source for the enterprise, enhancing and making more robust security environments.

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PLAI offers the following benefits

Effective access management
Reduced integration time and cost
Open Standard with wide adoption
Easy configuration and deployment
Integration of biometrics with PACS systems
Future-proofs access systems with a common API

Below is a list of Specifiers and Consultants who can help answering questions regarding PLAI and your business. If you would like to be added to the list, please contact us for further details. 

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